What's Calendria

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The HB, you know of course, stands for the Harbord Bakery, but what about the C? C, is for Calandria. And Calandria is the name of our take-out and catering section, now some thirty years old.

Whence, HB&C? This relatively new section for our bakery has indeed been a lark for us. Here we make and create all sorts of savouries, the space itself is where the original HB started. We not so long ago moved the savoury take-out, to the centre of the bakery proper, where it now provides many excellent, warm, hot and cold good things. The soups, sandwhiches, stir fried entrées, chicken dishes of all sorts, Mediterranean specialties, vegetarian and meat empanadas and so on and so on, are all popular. Too busy to cook? We’ll do it quite nicely for you. Complete special occasion meals, ditto.